Marra Photography | 2015 GRTC Annual Roadeo Cometition

The Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) held their annual Bus Roadeo on December 12th. During this event, the Drivers have to maneuver their bus through multiple obstacles designed to show off their skills. They are challenged with making tight maneuvers such as Passenger Stops, Wheel clearances, Left and Right Back-up maneuvers, Speed challenges and more. Each Driver is scored on how well they perform each maneuver. The top finalist with the best scores will go on to represent GRTC in the State Roadeo Competition.
Passenger StopPassenger Stop2014 Gillig GNC BusRight Rear Tire ClearanceOffset StreetOffset StreetRight Hand ReverseRight Hand ReverseOffset StreetLeft Hand ReverseLeft Hand ReverseDiminishing Clearance2014 Gillig GNC Bus2014 Gillig GNC BusRight Rear Tire Clearance